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Economic and trade sanctions against Russia are complex, ever-evolving, and the risks of violation can be high.

Companies doing business with Russia, or operating in or even near Russia, need to plan for the potential effect of sanctions on their business. They must manage risk and position themselves to operate safely and legally to make sound business decisions.

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The Russia Sanctions Hub is the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource page created by the Association of Certified Sanctions Specialists for all those dealing with sanctions, export control laws and regulations implemented against Russia throughout the world.


The Russia Sanctions Hub page features
eight sections that are updated continually:

Russia Sanctions after Updates

This section provides updates on recent laws, regulations and guidance on Russia sanctions issued by governments and organizations throughout the world.

Restriction on Russian Banks:

This section includes an overview of US, EU, and UK restrictions on Russian banks.


Answers frequently asked questions on sanctions against Russia from your fellow Association of Certified Sanctions Specialists members and others.


Not 100% sure what the Magnitsky Act:is or how OFAC defines egregious? This section lists commonly used terms in the context of sanctions against Russia from A-Z.

ACSS Resources:

This section includes over 3 hours of on-demand Russian sanctions training from past ACSS webinars concerning Russia and many relevant articles from the ACSS editorial team.

Before Sanctions:

This section covers important aspects you should address for your business before sanctions are imposed.

During Sanctions:

Similarly, this section covers important aspects for your business during the imposition of sanctions.

After Sanctions:

This section covers important aspects for your business after sanctions are imposed.

Russia Sanctions Hub

The Russia Sanctions Hub is part of the resources an ACSS membership includes. A membership includes many other very valuable resources for sanctions professionals, including:

1. Russia Sanctions Hub
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4. OFAC Enforcement Action Database
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