Identify Transactions Liable to OFAC Sanctions

Master US Compliance:
Step-by-Step Method



Intermediate and Advanced Level

Advance your OFAC compliance skills in industry and finance beyond screening. Follow a step-by-step method for determining the legality of transactions as administered by OFAC. This Masterclass covers Russia-specific, non-blocking sanctions and comprises around 15 training hours across 6 weeks online.

Upcoming Virtual Sessions

2023 Spring Session

Materials available: March 22, 2023

  • 1st Virtual Classroom : March 29, 2023
  • 2nd Virtual Classroom : April 5, 2023
  • 3rd Virtual Classroom : April 12, 2023
  • 4th Virtual Classroom : April 19, 2023
  • 5th Virtual Classroom : April 26, 2023

Anticipate OFAC Compliance Problems Post-Screening –
5 Classes that Build Your Knowledge for Identifying Risk

15 CSS CE Credits

Valid for CSS Accreditation

Digital Certificate

You’ll start with a review

The course begins with a two-hour class reviewing the fundamentals of OFAC administration. You willl move on to discuss the relationships between sources of law and information and examine the blocking prohibition.

You’ll get a thorough grounding

You will immerse yourself in the non-blocking IEEPA-based embargo programs, examine the most popular general licenses and exemptions across multiple embargo programs, dissect country-focused programs weighted toward the financial sector, and discuss methods for dealing with ambiguity.

You’ll be right up to date

You will take a class on OFAC sanctions programs specific to Russia and conclude with provisions targeting conduct with no US nexus and non-sanctioned territories controlled by sanctioned entities. Case studies and breakout sessions will help you understand OFAC compliance fully before your one-hour, multiple-choice exam and written answer to a case study. You will get personal feedback.

Only part of what you will know
by the end of the course…

  • The relationships between regulations and statutes and auxiliary sources of information and authority, such as guidance and FAQs.
  • The scope and application of the blocking prohibition.
  • The determination of whether a non-blocked person is subject to an applicable prohibition.
  • The application of the cross-programmatic prohibitions on the “import” and “export” of services” and goods”; the new investment” prohibition.
  • Issues involving the operation and maintenance of accounts for sanctioned individuals.
  • The most popular general licenses and exemptions that apply.
  • The irregular new investment” prohibition, including dealings in Russia-related securities.

How it is structured?

The Basic Blocking Prohibition (2 hours)

Territory-based Embargo Programs: Common General Licenses and Exemptions (2 hours)

Irregular Non-embargo Primary Sanctions Programs and Methodologies for Addressing Questions Involving OFAC’s “Gray Areas” (2 hours)

Virtual Class 5: “Secondary Sanctions” and Other Provisions Targeting Conduct With No U.S. Nexus; Primary Sanctions in the Context of Non-sanctioned Territories Controlled by Sanctioned Entities (2 hours)

Virtual Classroom lead by a live instructor: OFAC Risk Management and Enforcement (90 minutes)

(1 hour)

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Who Should Take the OFAC Masterclass Certificate Course?

THE TYPICAL student is a sanctions professional with targeted OFAC compliance duties in industry and finance. His or her objective will be to build on knowledge post-screening to take a proactive stance on sanctions issues. You don’t have to be an attorney or accountant. Our students come from diverse backgrounds, all sharing the same goal: to master OFAC compliance.  Your OFAC expertise will make a difference in your company, whether big or small. Your background is not as important as your need to learn information to keep on the right side of the law. We’re here to help you.

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Instruction from TOP Practitioners

Course Instructor

Brian Gatta

Brian is a Director and founder of Sanctions Inc., home of the TURBOFAC ( suite of post-screening sanctions solutions. Brian’s principal focus is on the maintenance and advancement of the TURBOFAC U.S. Sanctions Guided Interview System and the TURBOFAC Comprehensive U.S. Sanctions Research System and Encyclopedia. Brian’s work in creating and maintaining TURBOFAC entails the thorough review and annotation of every consequential statement attributable to OFAC, in addition to the transformation of the entirety of the OFAC-administered sanctions architecture into a single, multiple-choice “guided interview” program.

Prior to his work at Sanctions Inc., Brian spent over a decade as an attorney practicing in the international trade groups of large law firms. Brian graduated with honors from Columbia Law School in 2007.