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With the ACSS Sanctions Compliance Toolkit, even smaller businesses can investigate their own potential links to sanctioned Russian or other businesses and individuals.

The Sanctions Compliance Toolkit enables small and medium size businesses to quickly implement a sanctions compliance program.

Optimized for small and medium-sized companies.

Costs up to 80% less than other options.

Expert consultations and email support available.

Created by the Association of Certified Sanctions Specialists (ACSS), the only organization dedicated exclusively to the sanctions compliance professional.

The Toolkit includes:

List matching tool

Llist matching software check if a client or counterpart is on a sanctions list at a fraction of the cost of other services.

Video tutorials

These videos guide you through adapting the provided documents using your own actual data.

10+ document templates Unlimited access to documents you need for a sanctions compliance program

Editable MS Word and Excel policies, procedures, plans and forms that you can quickly apply to your organization’s needs.

OFAC Enforcement Actions Database

ACSS members can access our unique premium resource. It enables members to search our database of 900+ OFAC enforcement actions, across industries, with access to the PDFs of settlement letters.

No business is too small

Businesses of all sizes are impacted by Sanctions and many may not think it’s relevant. In today’s environment you have to be prepared in case your client(s) get sanctioned.

Read CNBC article: With Russian Sanctions, Small Companies May Be in For a Big Surprise

Everybody is Required to Comply
All businesses in all sectors are obliged to comply with sanctions requirements, and therefore need to have adequate controls in place.
Understand How To Comply

As a business owner it can be hard to understand regulation and what you need to do. The sanctions tool kit will educate, inform, provide a plan and guide you through an process.

Who's it For?
The ACSS toolkit is specifically designed for small and medium size businesses around the world. OFAC has a very wide reach with stiff penalties. The toolkit provides you with the plan, process, framework, and information you need to quickly create your own corporate sanctions program.
How Does it Work?
Module by module. the ACSS sanctions compliance toolkit, walks you through the creation of a valid corporate sanctions program through a blend of multi-media, documents and questionnaires.

Comply with sanctions laws and regulations yourself, and do it easily and efficiently with the ACSS Sanctions Compliance Toolkit

This toolkit seeks to help smaller and medium size businesses that export products or services abroad, manufacture products, provide services or are engaged in maritime shipping, energy, IT, telecom or other projects, with the implementation of a sanctions compliance program.

Protect your business from reputation harm, fines, and penalties and comply with your legal duties under sanctions laws, and prevent your businesses from engaging in prohibited activity or abused for sanction evasion, terrorism, or other illegal activity.

A Framework for Compliance Commitments, Office of Foreign Assets Control, US Treasury

OFAC strongly encourages organizations subject to U.S. jurisdiction, as well as foreign entities that conduct business in or with the United States, U.S. persons, or using U.S.-origin goods or services, to employ a risk-based approach to sanctions compliance by developing, implementing, and routinely updating a sanctions compliance program.

10+ document templates
Unlimited access to documents you need for a sanctions compliance program. Editable MS documents on policies, procedures, plans and forms that you can adapt to your company needs.
Video tutorials

Video tutorials to help you through the process.

Live one-on-one online consultation with a sanctions expert

Schedule a meeting, where you can discuss how to resolve any issues you face in the implementation.
NOTE: Depending on package

Sanctions List Search Tool
The toolkit comes with a Sanctions List Search Tool to check your client list. The List Search tool will assist with the identification of sanctioned individuals and organizations.

More features

The toolkit makes it easier for you to create your sanctions compliance program. Documents are easily organized in clearly numbered folders, so that you know where to start, and – after each document is completed – where to go next.
The ACSS sanctions compliance toolkit comes 80% complete, with guidance for the remaining 20%. Anything that can be prefilled in the documents is already done, and the remaining customization you need to do is clearly marked with comments and instructions. For most toolkit customers, the private consultation time with your sanctions expert will get it 100%.
Most companies have a specific design and structure for their official documents. There’s header information, confidentiality level, even prescribed graphic design and fonts. All our documents are fully customizable, so that you can make them look just the way you, your CEO and regulator wants them to.

Sanctions compliance is much more than just documentation. The implementation of the laws and regulations needs to be appropriate to your company, and you need to deal with your employees, your management, and your existing processes in an appropriate way.



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Access for one year


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Access for one year


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Access for one year


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Access for one year

Starter kit with video tutorials, templates and other documents

Support by sanctions consultant to implement toolkit

Review of toolkit implementation documents by sanctions expert

Access to all documents, including updates

Access to list matching tool

Email notifications about updates of toolkit documents and key developments

3 hours

3 documents

5 hours

5 documents

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Call for details

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Here is an additional optional service you can add onto any package

Optional Add On Service: Client Review Service

  • Chat and email support to investigate and resolve sanctions-related hits generated during the client screening process.
  • We guarantee turnaround times, which can be set on 48h, 24h, 12h or faster
  • Inquiries per month: Up to 5, 10 or 20
  • Scheduled review sessions

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Why fixed fee pricing?

The standard method of billing in professional services has traditionally had an emphasis on providing services in exchange for an hourly rate. We have come to the realization that this method is an archaic method of pricing. The longer we take to do the job the more we get. While, you as a business owner, you need answers fast! Hourly billing does not promote an emphasis on customer service or an incentive to complete jobs quickly.

The biggest issue with hourly billing you have no idea how much the job will be until the bill is received. We don’t think that is fair on you. As a courtesy to you, we think you deserve to know in advance how much the job will cost and what it entails. As a modern & progressive company we provide a fixed price agreement model.

What does this mean for you?

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