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ACSS Member Resources and Training

What are the core benefits of joining the Association of Certified Sanctions Specialists (ACSS)?

Well, as an ACSS Member, you will gain access to:

CSS Certification Exam, which allows sanctions professionals the opportunity to earn credentials as a Certified Sanctions Specialist, or CSS. The credential will provide ACSS members with a powerful career advantage and their employers and clients the comfort of knowing that he or she has met high standards of knowledge and training. The CSS credential will test members’ skills in sanctions compliance, export control duties, listing matching, consulting, investigating, and more! The first CSS Certification Exam will be launched in late 2019.

Education and Online Certificate Programs, which provide sanctions professionals to gain expertise in important sanctions topics., such as OFAC Essentials. We are also currently planning an E.U. Essentials course that will launch in late 2019.

Live and On-demand Webinars, which include 25+ LIVE webinars per year, where attendees can ask real-time questions during expert-led sessions and even earn CE/CLE credits. ACSS Members also have the unique opportunity to browse our archive of on-demand webinars by logging into our online Learning Management System (LMS).

Interactive Sanctions Map, an interactive tool with an overview of sanctions in place against countries around the world. The Map focuses on sanctions imposed by the U.S. (OFAC), E.U., U.K., U.N., and Canada. Find out what specific sanctions are in place against a country by simply clicking on that particular country!

Sanctions Enforcement Actions Database, where you can search, browse, and download 900+ OFAC enforcement cases. The database is searchable by country, year, and industry.

Official Sanctions Guidance Library, where you can find guidance provided by government agencies, international institutions, and universities about how to best implement sanctions in your country.

Sanctions Service Providers Directory, an invaluable resource for members looking to contact software vendors, consultants, law firms and other providers specializing in the sanctions field.

Task Forces, where you can join up with your colleagues to shed light on important sanctions topics and connect with others in the sanctions community. These Task Forces are only available to ACSS Members.

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Member Resources:

Email Discussion Forum

The ACSS discussion forum helps you get and stay connected to a network of resources you can rely on throughout the year.

Official Guidance Library

The ACSS member-only resource library contains guidance on sanctions law and policy published by government agencies and internationally recognized institutions.


Our ACSS webinars involve one or two expert speakers talking about cutting-edge sanctions topics in real-time.

OFAC Enforcement Actions Database

ACSS members get access to a unique searchable database of all published OFAC actions.

Interactive Sanctions Map

The ACSS Sanctions Map is an interactive tool that includes an overview of current sanctions in place against countries around the world.

CSS Certification

The first of its kind, our Certified Sanction Specialist (CSS) Credential allows you to cement your knowledge and enhance your resume.