Eligibility and Applications - Association of Certified Sanctions Specialists

Eligibility and Applications

Points-Based Entry Requirement

As the CSS is a professional qualification, you are expected to meet educational requirements before admission to the program. Acceptance is based on a points system. You need a minimum of 40 points and 3 references to qualify for entry. If your total falls short, you can take ACSS or other courses to make up the difference.

• Associate Degree: 10 points.
• Bachelor’s Degree: 20 points.
• Master’s Degree/PhD/JD or equivalent: 30 points.

• 10 points for each year of full-time experience (up to 3 years maximum) in sanctions or related duties.

•10 points per professional certification: CPA, CPP, CRCM, CAFP, CFE, CAMS, CGSS, ETCI ECoP, Finra Series, etc.

• 1 point per hour for attending a seminar/webinar/conference/training/certificate course or educational session on the topic of sanctions, trade compliance, export controls or related subjects (includes internal, external and government agency training).
• The CSS Virtual Classroom course counts as 21 points towards your eligibility requirements.