Recertification Requirements


Recertification Requirements

  • Only individuals who passed the CSS in 2019 can apply for the recertification.
  • In order to recertify the CSS credential, you must meet the following requirements:

Be an active CSS membership.

  • In order to register for the recertification you have to be an active member of CSS.
  • If you are not sure on your membership click on the button below to access your membership profile.
  • If you membership type starts with “NotAMember” it means that you are not a member of the association.

Meet the Continuing Education credit requirements.

  • A total of 60 continuing education credits must be accumulated within a three-year cycle. These can be sanctions or export controls related courses from ACSS, internal training, or other providers.
  • Applicants will not be granted continuing education credits for activities completed prior to obtaining their CSS credential or their most recent recertification.
  • Additional credits earned past the required 60 cannot be rolled over to the following cycle.
  • The deadline for earning continuing education credits is December 15 of the year of your recertification.

Not sure if if you have enough point ?

  • If you are not sure if you have enough points you can download the Interim Review Request Form.
  • The please send the document to recertification@sanctionsassociation.org.
  • You should have an answer in 4-6 working day..

Submit an online application with the appropriate renewal fees.

  • Please complete the form and upload it during the registration process.
  • DOCUMENTATION. Applicants do not need to include supporting documentation along with the recertification application; however, they are advised to retain original copies of their supporting documents in their files in the event that ACSS should find it necessary to audit their records.
  • NOTE: Enterprise members will get a code for their registration.

Points Audit

The ACSS audit process ensures that ACSS certified individuals have complied with their recertification requirements. Audits are performed regularly. ACSS will notify selected audit candidates advising them of the processes.