ACSS Government Relations Task Force

The Government Relations Task Force was created to develop and foster relationships with different regulatory agencies responsible for sanctions, including OFAC, OFSI, the European Commission, the U.S. State Department, and equivalent agencies internationally.

Our goal is to open a channel of communication with government entities so that we better understand their regulatory requirements and they better understand how the regulations impact industries. We plan to assist the members with written materials, webinars, seminars, roundtable discussions with guest speakers.

We are currently recruiting qualified sanctions professionals from corporations, government agencies, international organizations, and financial institutions to serve on the ACSS Government Relations Taskforce. The scope of this volunteer activity is approximately 12 months, and term of service is for 1 year, potentially renewable. The time commitment is manageable and spread throughout the year. We plan to have quarterly conference calls of 90 minutes.

Interested candidates should email us at helpdesk@sanctionsassociation.org along with a biography, exemplifying applicable qualifications.

Task Force Qualifications

  • Required: Currently a member of ACSS.
  • Have 5+ years of experience in managing an area of OFAC/sanctions topics
  • Have worked for a government agency on OFAC/sanctions topics
  • Is well connected in the OFAC/sanctions community to help make new connections
  • Is a supporter of ACSS educational programming (or sends staff)

Due to a limited number of open task force slots, there is no guarantee of acceptance. However, applicants may also be considered for other ACSS taskforces where openings exist. If you are selected, you will be sent a formal invitation to service along with more detailed roles and responsibilities for you to evaluate before accepting or declining the invitation.