ACSS Editorial Task Force

Seeking Qualified OFAC/Sanctions Officers

We are seeking qualified OFAC/sanctions officers from corporations, government agencies, international organizations, and financial institutions to add to ACSS Editorial Taskforce.

Task Force members are the collective “brain trust” in helping write ACSS editorial content (articles for our website www.sanctionsassociation.org and newsletters).

The scope of this volunteer activity is spread throughout the year, and started in February 2019. The term of service is for 1 year, potentially renewable. The time commitment is manageable and spread throughout the planning process of our editorial calendar. The Task Force has quarterly conference calls of 90 minutes.

Interested candidates should email us at helpdesk@sanctionsassociation.org along with a biography, exemplifying applicable qualifications.

Task Force Qualifications

  • Required: Currently a member of ACSS.
  • Likes to write!
  • Willing to submit one article of approximately 800 words per quarter
  • Help recruit other members of the sanctions community to submit articles or for interviews, or “your words” section of our newsletter

Members of Editorial Task Force

Name Job Title Organization
Ramanuj Basu Senior Manager, Global Sanctions Office Scotiabank
Thomas Nollner Independent Consultant  
Scott Nance Principal Langley Compliance Consulting
Glenda Juliano Sr. AML and Trade Control Analyst, Global Risk Control Franklin Templeton Investments
Alex Haines Barrister Outer Temple Chambers

Recent Articles by Editorial Task Force Members

Narrow Humanitarian Exceptions to DPRK Sanctions Assert Grave Impact on Struggling North Korean Population

July 18, 2019 By: Glenda Juliano*, CAMS

When it comes to the Democratic Republic of North Korea (DPRK), sanctions against the Asian country are causing challenges not only for sanctions professionals around the world, but also for the average citizen within its borders. Though DPRK is a socialist country where ideally the state provides food, housing, health coverage, education and jobs, because of the effect international sanctions have had on their economy, its citizens struggle to find work and earn enough to put food on the table


The Zoltek Experience: Six Lessons for U.S. Companies with Foreign Subsidiaries

February 4, 2019 By: Scott Nance and George Voloshin

On December 20, 2018, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) published a penalty notice and settlement agreement with Zoltek Companies, Inc., a U.S. producer of carbon fiber. OFAC found that Zoltek had violated U.S. sanctions laws due to its Hungarian subsidiary, Zoltek ZRT, having purchased inputs from a Specially Designated National (SDN) in Belarus. Zoltek agreed to pay a substantial fine of $7,772,102 and to implement various measures to ensure it would not commit future violations.


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