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Sanctions Compliance Program Tool Kit

Protecting Business from Risk

This toolkit seeks to help smaller and medium size businesses that export products or services abroad, manufacture products, provide services or are engaged in maritime shipping, energy, IT, telecom or other projects, with the implementation of a sanctions compliance program.

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No Business is too small

Businesses of all sizes are impacted by Sanctions and many may not think it’s relevant. In today’s environment you have to be prepared in case your client(s) get sanctioned.

Everybody is Required to Comply

While everybody thinks that Sanctions requires action in the financial sector; everybody large or small is be required to be compliant and remain within the applicable law.

Understand How To Comply

As a business owner it can be hard to understand regulation and what you need to do. The sanctions tool kit will educate, inform, provide a plan and guide you through an process.

Who's it For?

The toolkit has been put together to support small and medium size businesses. This toolkit provides you with the plan, process, framework and access to information to help your create your own corporate sanctions program.

How Does it Work?

The toolkit is an online package which module by module, takes you through the process to create a corporate sanctions program and uses a blended approach of multi-media, documents and questionnaires.

The ACSS Toolkit helps manage your sanctions risk.




Access for one year



Access for one year



Access for one year


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Access for one year

Starter kit with video tutorials, templates and other documents

Support by sanctions consultant to implement toolkit

Review of toolkit documents by sanctions expert

Access to all documents, including updates

Access to list matching tool

Email notifications about updates of toolkit documents and key developments

3 hours

3 documents

5 hours

5 documents

Call for details

Call for details