Work with peers for shaping the future of ACSS

ACSS is now enlisting members in important initiatives to work with peers in shaping the future of ACSS and the sanctions field.

ACSS seeks your help in the following key areas:

  • Certification Taskforce: offering guidance on topics and writing questions for the Certified Sanctions Specialist certification exam
  • Membership Taskforce: welcomes new members to the association, and helps as a sounding board for ACSS staff’s membership and member recruitment operations
  • Editorial Taskforce: providing useful and practical content for members at ACSS’ website and in our newsletter
  • Training Taskforce: contributing to outstanding training and education events
  • Technology Taskforce: This taskforce shares and converses with the sanctions service provider community on best practices, future developments, and hot trends in sanctions technology http://technology.sanctionsalert.com/sttf/
  • Government Relations Taskforce: helps maintain relationships with government agencies around the world involved in sanctions administration and enforcement.

You can participate in these exciting endeavors by joining a Task Force today to share your expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm as we build ACSS into the premier association for career building, training and certification in the sanctions field.

ACSS Task Forces will meet on a regular basis through conference calls.

The Task Forces’ work is enriching and rewarding, providing you another opportunity as an ACSS member to network and connect with colleagues and peers. We hope you will join one of these Task Forces today.

Contact us at helpdesk@sanctionsassociation.org and we’ll send you more information about the taskforce you wish to join.

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