OFAC Essentials

Online Certificate Course

Demo Self-Paced

Module 1 – Introduction to OFAC

It is an introduction to OFAC Essentials and Background

Module 2 – How OFAC Works

  • A Walking Tour Through main OFAC legal authorities
  • Categories, Principles and Core ConceptsUsed Throughout Sanctions Regimes Administered by OFAC
  • Overview of OFAC Organizational structure – who does what?

Module 3 – Risk Management and Enforcement

  • Recognizing OFAC Sanctions Risks: Sound OFAC Risk Assessment
  • OFAC Compliance Program – Control Basics
  • Customer Due Diligence and Screening
  • OFAC Reporting Requirements
  • OFAC Enforcement

Module 4 – Quiz (not included)

Online Quiz: This is a multiple question quiz in multiple choice format.

Passing Grade: 80%