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ACSS membership provides you with resources designed to support you throughout your career as a sanctions professional.

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Our membership numbers are steadily growing. Professionals from both the private and public sector are joining our sanctions community. We now have hundreds of members in over 50 countries.

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Our members have exclusive access to our monthly webinars in which we cover the latest events and answer questions and queries from the attendees. You can enjoy the webinars Live and On demand from the comfort of your home or office.

Interactive Sanctions Map

The Interactive Sanctions Map is member-only benefit for ACSS members. It is an interactive tool with an overview with sanctions in place against countries around the world. It covers EU, US (OFAC), Canada and UN sanctions. Find out which specific sanctions are in place against a country by clicking on the continent and then on the country.

Official Guidance Library

The ACSS member-only resource library contains guidance on sanctions from government agencies, international organizations, and universities and institutes around the world. The documents posted here do not include sanctions regimes or actions themselves; instead, these are publications of information intended to provide clarity regarding the implementation of sanctions.

OFAC Enforcement Sanctions Database

ACSS Members get access to a unique premium resource built by ACSS and Sanctions Alert: a searchable database of 900+ OFAC enforcement actions, across industries, with access to the PDFs of settlement letters.

Email Discussion Forum

Part of the ACSS member benefits is belonging to a Sanctions Discussion Group. Whether you are a starting or seasoned sanctions professional, the ACSS forum will help you get and stay connected to a network of resources you can rely on throughout the year. Leverage a community of ACSS members who can provide answers to your questions, share their experiences and recommend experts to help address your needs.

CSS Certification

The first of its kind, as a ACSS member you have the option of enrolling (fee) in the CSS Certification. The CSS Credential allows you to cement your knowledge and enhance your resume.

Who Should Join

People who have some or all of the responsibility related to sanctions in:

  • Banks, trusts companies, and other financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment bankers and investment companies
  • Securities brokers and dealers
  • Money Services Businesses, including money transmitters, check cashers and currency exchange houses
  • Credit card companies
  • Money lenders or mortgage brokers
  • Law Firms, lawyers and legal professionals in the sanctions compliance field Universities
  • Accounting professionals
  • Consultants in risk management
  • Companies doing business internationally, such as import/export businesses, mining, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, offshore services and more
  • Company service providers
  • Casinos and other gambling businesses
  • Active and retired agents, regulators, and other personnel of:
    1. State Department or Ministries of Foreign Affairs
    2. Treasury departments
    3. Custom departments
    4. Tax departments
    5. Secret services
    6. Justice departments
    7. Financial intelligence units
    8. Securities and futures authorities
    9. Banking supervisory agencies