CSS Certification Program

Exam Request Form

STEP 1 Check if you have adquired enough points

Click here to check our eligibility calculator to check if you have the required number of points to qualify for the ACSS Exam

Candidates wishing to sit for the CSS Examination must:

  • Document a minimum of 40 qualifying credits based on education, other professional certification and professional experience in the field.
  • Submit supporting documents

Visit our elegibility calculator to determine if you have enough points.


Eligibility Calculator


STEP 2 Download Required Forms

1. Download and Complete Form
2. Acquire all necessary supporting documentation

Download and Complete Checklist

Click to Download Eligibility Form

STEP 3 Upload Eligibility Form and Supporting Documentation

  1. You have to login so that the system so it verifies that the candidate is active.
  2. Select exam: virtual proctored or brick and mortar facility.
  3. Once you login, the process has three sections.
    1. Verification of name, address, and telephone are correct. They proctor will verify the name on our system against ID provided.
    2. Uploading the uploaded eligibility form and supporting document.
    3. Read and accept affidavit.

Click to Start Document Upload Process

STEP 4 Information Verification

Once all the information has been uploaded and membership staff will verify the documents uploaded and will send you and information either requesting additional information or informing you that the request has been approved.

STEP 5 Schedule your Exam

Once the information from the candidate has been verified and approved.

  1. ACSS will send the candidates information to our testing partner, Pearson Vue.
  2. Our testing partner will send the candidate an e-mail with a link to self-register for the exam.
  3. Schedule your exam.