Author: Nadiya Nychay
Date: December, 2015

After years of high-level political negotiations, 2015 seems to be the year when Iran makes a full comeback on the international scene. Despite the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal only taking place in 2016, international investors around the world are keen to find out anything they can about business opportunities in the Islamic Republic. While attractive investment opportunities can be found in many sectors of the Iranian economy, some of the most lucrative ones are related to Iran's wealth of natural resources. Iran was the seventh largest global oil exporter in 2014. It reportedly has the world's fourth largest crude oil reserves as well as the world's second largest natural gas reserves. Nevertheless, Iran's current oil output of slightly over 3 million barrels per day stands at only half of the oil output during the mid-1970s.

The crucial question for many investors concerns the precise forms in which they would be able to enter Iranian petroleum markets. (more…)