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E.U. and U.S. Sanctions on Venezuela: The Likely Effectiveness of a New Collaborative Crackdown on Sanctions Evasion

August 24, 2020
By: Ingo Steinhaeuser, Director of Financial & Risk, Refinitiv *

Following the departure or ejection of its ambassador to Venezuela in June 2020, the European Union added 11 leading Venezuelan officials to the E.U. sanctions list. The individuals have been deemed responsible for acting against the democratic functions of the Venezuelan National Assembly, notably stripping the parliamentary immunity of several members, including its President, Juan Guaidó. (more…)

Smuggler’s Paradise: How Venezuela is Using “Blood Gold” to Circumvent U.S. Sanctions

August 21, 2020
By: Jack Walsh, Reporter ACSS

Over the past five years, a combination of rock-bottom oil prices and heavy U.S. sanctions on Venezuela’s oil industry has caused the South American country’s economy to crater. In the absence of formerly prolific oil revenues, gold exports serve as one of the last remaining financial lifelines for Venezuela’s embattled president, Nicolás Maduro, and his political allies. (more…)

Sanctioned Nations Investigate Launching Cryptocurrency to Evade Sanctions

November 7, 2019 By: Natasha Bright, ACSS Reporter

Last month, there were news reports that claimed that North Korea was developing its own cryptocurrency. Like many things related to the secretive nation, there are not many details available. However, if true, that would make the country the latest to dabble in the creation of a sovereign coin that could potentially be used to evade sanctions. Venezuela, Iran, and Russia have also explored this option to varying degrees. Although, as yet, not successfully.

Wake Up To Sanctions | Second Quarter 2019 – Summer Edition Sanctions Round Up

August 05, 2019

OFAC Publishes New Framework for Compliance Commitments, Naming 5 Essential Components

On May 2, 2019, the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) published a Framework for OFAC Compliance Commitments “in order to provide organizations subject to U.S. jurisdiction, as well as foreign entities that conduct business in or with the United States or U.S. persons, or that use U.S.-origin goods or services, with a framework on the essential components of a sanctions compliance program”. This guidance marks the first time that OFAC has provided prescriptive guidance to companies on its views of what should be included in an effective sanctions compliance program. (more…)

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