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News Round Up


Why the Top Taliban Leaders Are Not Sanctioned and What Lies Ahead

August 26, 2021
By Peter Piatetsky*

With the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, we reviewed who in the Taliban leadership is under sanctions. We found that, while the group itself is sanctioned by the US, the two top leaders of the Taliban – Haibatullah Akhundzada and Abdul Ghani Baradar – are not. Even stranger, Russia has imposed more sanctions against current Taliban leadership than the US. This raises questions not just about why these two were not sanctioned, but about US sanctions policy in general, and how the US Treasury and other regulators will deal with the Taliban moving forward. (more…)

Wake Up To Sanctions | Second Quarter 2019 – Summer Edition Sanctions Round Up

August 05, 2019

OFAC Publishes New Framework for Compliance Commitments, Naming 5 Essential Components

On May 2, 2019, the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) published a Framework for OFAC Compliance Commitments “in order to provide organizations subject to U.S. jurisdiction, as well as foreign entities that conduct business in or with the United States or U.S. persons, or that use U.S.-origin goods or services, with a framework on the essential components of a sanctions compliance program”. This guidance marks the first time that OFAC has provided prescriptive guidance to companies on its views of what should be included in an effective sanctions compliance program. (more…)

Wake Up To Sanctions

March 26, 2019 First Quarter 2019 Sanctions Round Up

U.S. Government Advisory Highlights Sanctions Risks for Maritime Petroleum Shipping Community (and their Insurers)


Wake Up To Sanctions

November 19, 2018 Sanctions Round Up

US Imposes Sanctions on 17 Saudis for Alleged Role in Khashoggi Killing, but Prince Stays Clear


Wake Up To Sanctions Summer Sanctions Round Up
September 5, 2018

U.S. Cracks Down on Russia with Global Magnitsky Regulations and New Sanctions

As of June 29,2018, the Global Magnitsky Sanctions Regulations (31 CFR part 583) took effect on the Federal Register. These regulations implement the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act (or U.S. Global Magnitsky Act) as well as Executive Order 13818 of December 20, 2017.


Wake Up To Sanctions Sanctions Round Up
March 27, 2018

North Korea Generates $200 Million in Illicit Revenue and Continues to ‘Flout’ International Law - UN Report Claims

On March 5th, the United Nations (U.N.) Panel of Experts released its Report on North Korea sanctions pursuant to U.N. Security Council Resolution 2345 (2017) (the Report). The 298-page document details numerous examples of efforts by North Korea to evade U.N. sanctions and claims that the country has earned $200 million in 2017 concealing the origin of illicit exports. (more…)

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