Certified Sanctions Specialist (CSS)

Certification Career Benefits

Current – In today’s era of specialization, sanctions experts are required to have a plethora of knowledge and skills so that they can apply that knowledge to their organization’s work. They need to be more than competent to conduct sanctions compliance, prepare for OFAC/sanctions examinations, establish work procedures, and keep current on legislative and regulatory issues.

Career Opportunities- Certification supports and enhances career advancement opportunities. Employers know that most qualified professional shave personal characteristics and technical skills that contribute to their institutions. With a CSS credential, the interviewing business, institution or agency is likely to give greater consideration to the certified candidate.

Community – Certification demonstrates to your colleagues and your employer that you possess demonstrable and certifiable skills to excel as a sanctions compliance professional.

Getting Certified

Who can take the exam?

Individuals who have met the minimum qualifications can sit for the exam. Eligibility to sit for the exam requires a minimum scoring based upon a combination of factors. Persons who have not yet met the minimum levels required can take continuing education programs with ACSS or other sources to reach the minimum requirements.

About the exam

The CSS exam will be the product of collaboration between ACSS, its Job Analysis Taskforce, and an independent company with expertise on research, testing, measurement, management and technology. The result will be a psychometrically sound exam that assures the quality and soundness of the ACSS certification program.

What topics will be on the exam?

The exam will focus on various aspects of the sanctions subject. A job analysis will determine the content and the importance of each knowledge area for the specialists in the field. The certification exam will be tailored to international best practices and basic frameworks for sanctions efforts around the world.

Where will the exam be administered?

Because ACSS members will reside all over the world; our ultimate goal is to use a computerized exam administration method. ACSS will begin to offer exams in 2020, multiple times per year. ACSS also plans to offer an online exam preparation publication with sample exam questions. Requirements to sit for the exam include the completion of an ACSS Exam

Application and payment of an application fee plus the costs for the testing service at the time of the exam.

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