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Benelux Chapter Event

Floriane Verkinderen , Compliance Advisor, KBC Group N.V.
Maarten Rijssenbeek , Partner of the Forensic and Financial Crime team, Deloitte

Thursday, June 3, 2021

16:30 – 17:30 AM CET (Amsterdam)

The fight against terrorism requires close cooperation between government agencies and private sector entities.

In this practical webinar hosted by the ACSS Benelux Chapter, we will cover the preventive public approach against terrorist financing and how the private sector deals with this.

After a short introduction on the background of CFT sanctions, we will discuss the financial profile of (Dutch) terrorists and the efforts that have been made to develop effective typologies on terrorist financing,

You will learn how the public sector uses sanction regimes to fight terrorist financing, how CFT sanctions are being enforced through criminal proceedings and what the potential side-effects of CFT sanctions might be.

From a private sector perspective, you will learn about sanctions screening in context of Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) e.g. dealing with EU list and national lists such as BEFOJ, NNTS.

We will cover potential issues you may encounter with regards to screening and once you identified a customer the difficulties with regards to the freezing of funds and notification to local competent authority.

We will also cover how to answer RFIs (Requests for Information) from other financial institutions, e.g. confirming data such as DOB and issues with privacy that may arise from this.

Finally you will learn about preventative steps you can take, such as KYC & KYT to detect CTF upfront (and can AI help)?

What will you learn?

  • The preventive public approach against terrorist financing;
  • The preventive private approach – possibilities and shortcomings
  • Possible solutions and/or improvements when screening against terrorist lists
  • Can AI help in this effort?

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Floriane Verkinderen

Compliance Advisor
KBC Group N.V. Floriane Verkinderen is part of the Group Embargo monitoring Team at KBC Group in Belgium. After her studies in Criminology with a focus on international and comparative law and financial crime, Floriane gathered practical experience within a financial institution.

Floriane has several years of experience in translating US and other sanction regulation into plain internal policies, as well as providing clear advice, support and training group-wide. Additionally looking into process improvements and new technologies in the context of sanction screening is part of her job.

Floriane has been a member of the ACSS since 2018 and a Certified Sanction Specialist since 2020.

Maarten Rijssenbeek

Partner of the Forensic & Financial Crime team
Deloitte Maarten Rijssenbeek is a partner of the Forensic & Financial Crime team of Deloitte in The Netherlands. Before he joined Deloitte, he worked as a public prosecutor and as a deputy advocate general for more than ten years. Maarten started his career as a corporate and criminal defence attorney.

Maarten focuses on assisting clients with financial crime challenges. He participates in and drives the wider debate on bringing the (inter)national financial crime framework to the next maturity level, e.g. facilitating public/private and private/private cooperation.

As a prosecutor, Maarten investigated and prosecuted several high profile fraud, corruption and money laundering cases.

From 2013-2019, Maarten was the national coordinating prosecutor for terrorist financing in the Netherlands. In this role, he cofounded and chaired an interagency partnership and a public-private partnership against terrorism financing within the Dutch Financial Expertise Centre (FEC). He was also closely involved in the creation of a public-private partnership against serious crime and money laundering.

Maarten has been a member of the Dutch FATF delegation and a visiting lecturer on terrorist financing and sanctions at Leiden University.